cute cat butterfly tree branch wall stickers

Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
Style: cartoon
Classification: Furniture Stickers
Classification: For Refrigerator
Classification: For Wall
Classification: Switch Panel Stickers
Classification: Window Stickers
Specification: Single-piece Package
Scenarios: WALL
Model Number: H0278
Material: PVC
Theme: Animal
Censor Code: 22
Material: PVC
Received Product size(cm*cm): 25*70 Approximately
Final size on the wall (cm*cm): 55*70 just for your reference.please diy
Color: Multicolor Wall Decor
Content: cat butterfly tree branch
Quality: Waterproof sunscreen non-toxic environment protected
Room decor: Living room bedroom study room office room etc.
Where to apply: Smooth and clean wall glass metal wood etc.
technology: 3rd generation printed pvc wall sticker
Self glue: Yes

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